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4 LIFE - Revamping of used equipment

we revamp packaging equipment


We propose all the necessary interventions, the most modern and state-of-the-art solutions, to extend the life cycle and increase the productivity of filling machines or monoblock or the entire line, improve their performance, save energy, and increase safety in the workplace.

Diagnostic Visits


We perform customized on-site diagnostic visits to determine the health of the machine and identify any issues, thus anticipating possible failures.
We perform a real check-up of the machine providing a detailed report of suggested interventions.



Electronic parts of net weight filling machines after years necessarily need to be replaced, and spare parts are often no longer found because they are outdated. 4 Life acts precisely with retrofitting actions, which allow not only to restore the performance of the machine, but to improve it compared to the starting values. In fact, retrofitting consists in adding new technology or functionality to an old system, extending its useful life.



We can intervene on mechanical parts and structures with revamping actions: for a true second "technical youth" of the machine. Revamping involves a series of activities essential to the complete mechanical overhaul of the machine through disassembly operations, cleaning, inspections, replacement of used components with new ones.

Format Changes And Cap Changes


4 Life will be able to support bottlers in case they need to implement a new bottle or cap format on an operating line with a 360° service: from the definition of the needs to the design of the equipment up to the installation and adaptation to the new format. 

Returning To Compliance


It is often not only the machinery that is being upgraded, but the legislation that applies to it. 4 Life makes sure to retrofit the machinery so that it always complies with the applicable regulations.

Ordinary And Extraordinary Maintenance


We operate at your plant for scheduled maintenance activities thanks to our technical support team and are promptly at your side in case of emergencies.